St. Helena island in the Southern Atlantic diving expedition with
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St. Helena

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Our point of departure for the boat trip to this

Perhaps best known as the island where Napoleon was exiled to and eventually passed away, St. Helena is also a popular place stop for trans-oceanic yachtsmen replenishing their supplies. For the roughly 4000 inhabitants of British and African ancestry the only regular means of getting to and from the island is with the mail ship which comes to port once or twice a month and which brings in all necessities, in addition to mail. It cannot be said enough how important this one lifeline to the outside world is for this isolated island's unique lifestyle and fascinating nature.

We will travel to St. Helena in March 2016, as a small yet adventurous group, to explore the island and get to know the local diving community who wish to show us what they have to offer under water. The island can safely boast that it has a number of really exciting ship wrecks, infrequently visited reefs and large marine life for instance tuna, mantas, whale sharks, dolphins and a number of endemic fish species.

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