Hiking in Kruger National Park by foot.
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The warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) is one of the frequently spotted animals on a safari in certain South African game parks.

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Price is based on double occupancy (where applicable)
Single supplement in addition (where applicable).

Price includes airport transfers, nature guide and all access fees to hike.

Trip Extension

While in South Africa you may also wish to join us for our continued journey through the country. Enquire for our extended travel plans and prices.

This increasingly popular nature trail should be reserved well in advance (often a year or more ahead) as the spaces on the maximum 8 people group fill up quickly. Please enquire for dates and availability.

The summer offers the best birding opportunities, but can be quite rainy and temperatures soaring, while the cooler months (June to October) is the most enjoyable time to walk. During the cooler months it is also better chances of spotting animals.

Over four days and three nights we walk about 50 km, following the course of the Olifants River, carrying everything we need on our backs. The terrain is reasonably unproblematic to hike in and does not present any gradients as such but it must be clear that, since we are self-supported the whole way, each participant carries his/her own food and belongings, and a certain level of fitness therefore is expected.

Two armed guides ensure not only your safety but they also have profound knowledge of the track and a terrific ability to spot game.

Itinerary / Description

Safari in Kruger National Park on foot, a guided hiking safari through the wilderness without the confinement of a vehicle, is probably the most exciting way to experience Africa's untamed wilderness. The guided safari offers the adventurous participant a perfect opportunity to experience the largest game reserve in South Africa in a most different way. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the roars of lions at night, crocodiles quietly slipping into the water as we approach the riverbed, and herds of elephants crossing our path while we negotiate the track, just but a few of the nature adventures to come across on this journey. But let us not forget about the smaller things, animals and plants too often overlooked or missed when doing an ordinary self-drive or 4x4 safari. Your guides have intimate knowledge and an itch to share their knowledge about the diverse animal and plant life with you, making it more of a field excursion where you not only have fun, but also learn something. In terms of wildlife experience this trail ranks with the best in Africa, Kruger National Park considered to be the flagship of the South African national parks, being the home of an impressive number of species.The absense of roads, vehicles or human beings for three full days of hiking sure is going to give you a priveleged safari experience found few other places.

The Expedition

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